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About Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning

As everyone gradually transitions to the New Normal, it is important that you ensure not only the sanitation of your homes but also the cleanliness and safety of your place of business. As one of the trusted commercial cleaning companies in ON, Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning is here to help you provide a safe and healthy environment for the people that enter and use your building and offices. We take pride in our staff’s vast experience in janitorial cleaning as well as their up to date knowledge in this field that they receive through continuing education and training. To top it all off, we invested in top of the line equipment to ensure we are able to provide the highest standards of commercial cleaning services.

With Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning, you are assured the best possible commercial office cleaning services. You can be confident that you are partnering with efficient, meticulous, and skilled professionals. Let us handle your office cleaning needs so you can focus on what you do best.


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What We Do

Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning is one of the leading janitorial cleaning companies in Richmond Hill, ON that offers a full range of professional commercial cleaning services that would suit any of your requirements. Our expansive offerings range from full building cleaning to small office cleaning services to facility disinfection and many more. We ensure that our commercial cleaning services are tailored to you and your business’s specific needs, so we welcome customized business cleaning requests. Our workers have unparalleled expertise and experience in janitorial cleaning which also enables them to fulfill any requirement with detailed arrangements.

Workers You Can Trust

Our team of industrial cleaners are trained and certified in all kinds of commercial cleaning services. Due to the complexity and sensitivity of the commercial cleaning line of work, we made sure to employ meticulous and caring staff who value our clients’ trust and aim to go above and beyond their call of duty. Aside from their thoughtfulness, our business cleaning team also place high priority on workplace safety by following commercial cleaning industry protocols and standards. In addition, they are experienced in providing resolution during emergency situations so wherever you are and whatever service you require at any given time, they are available to assist you.

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‘Round The Clock Service

We made it our goal is to make your commercial building a cleaner, safer and more comfortable place for you and your workers at all times so unlike other janitorial cleaning services providers who are available only during regular office hours, Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning has available staff 24 hours a day and seven days a week, all throughout the year. Our industrial cleaners take pride in their skills; hence, they always aim to provide the highest standards of professional commercial cleaning services for you and your business at Richmond Hill.

We Care About The Environment

We believe in taking care of not only our customers, but also the community and the environment. We are continuously looking for better ways to save water and energy and reduce our carbon footprint while still providing excellent janitorial cleaning services to clients. For this reason alone, we ensure that the commercial steam cleaner, commercial carpet cleaner and industrial floor cleaners we utilize are energy efficient and environmental friendly.

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We Provide Services At A Budget Friendly Price

One of our goals is to provide you with excellent commercial office cleaning services that fit your budget and business needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our staff and receive a free quotation. You may also request one of our staff to visit your building or office to conduct a thorough assessment of the area- with no charge at all! If you are in need of house cleaning service, we have you covered as well!


Our company’s vision is to help optimize the operations of janitorial companies and provide more work opportunities that will contribute to our economy’s growth.


Our mission is to provide highest standards of professional commercial cleaning services to our clients through constantly improving our skills, upholding our best practices and maintaining the trust of our clients.


Our culture is built on Integrity, Excellence and Professionalism. We strive to to contribute positively to the janitorial cleaning services industry by empowering our employees with the right work ethics and skills that would enable them to provide excellent service at all times.


Office Cleaning – Offices come in a variety of expanse, setting, and design therefore, office cleaning also has unique requirements. As one of the best office cleaning companies in ON, Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning can provide cleaning services designed to fit any type of office environment. We are also flexible with cleaning schedules. You can create your own schedule arrangements that would best fit your office’s requirements and we will ensure to work around it so we don’t cause any disruption in your work operations.

Restaurant Cleaning – Keeping your restaurant clean is not only a normal task but a critical requirement. Unsanitary areas may lead to your business being closed down so it is important that you work with reputable and trusted commercial cleaning companies only. Our staff at Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning are meticulous and perfectionists so they will make sure every nook and crany of your restaurant is sanitary. You can also customize the frequency of our cleaning rotations to best fit your restaurant’s needs and budget.

Retail Cleaning – A clean looking retail store provides a good first impression to shoppers and a encourages them to spend their time inside longer and ultimately, spend more. Our staff fully understands how crucial janitorial cleaning services is for retail businesses. We are known for our attention to detail and diligence and has been providing services to high-end luxury retail shops because of the extra care we put into our work. We strive to uphold our good reputation so rest assured we will provide you the highest standards of professional commercial cleaning services.

Industrial Cleaning – Industrial cleaning is a complex job that requires specialized training and knowledge about different machinery such as industrial floor cleaners, pressure washers and other cleaning equipment. The trainings also include industrial safety courses because the industrial cleaners work around hazardous chemicals and materials. There are a few janitorial cleaning companies in Richmond Hill and among them, Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning is the frontrunner in this area of specialization. We train and certify our industrial cleaners to make sure they are fully prepared and equiped before even touching those industrial cleaning machines.

Business Cleaning – Both large and small businesses handle process documents that contain confidential company, employee and client information. To avoid fraud or information theft, it is vital that these businesses only hire trusted janitorial cleaning companies. Over the years, Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning has proven itself as a trusted partner of many businesses in the community. When we hire workers, we conduct background investigation to add an extra layer of security to our clients’ information and properties.

Professional Pressure Washing – Dirt, mold, graffiti and other pollutants may be the reason why your building exterior looks dirty and unappealing. When neglected for a long time, these contaminants and pollutants become harder to deal with so you will need the assistance of professional pressure washing experts. Our team of experts were trained to use these professional pressure washing equipment to make sure you get optimal results within a short period of time.

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to providing you with excellent commercial cleaning services that are tailored fit to your budget and business needs. Our services and product offerings are expertly designed to provide optimum sanitation results to keep you, your workers and your clients safe and healthy while inside your building premises. Take that first step to protect your business and investment with a commercial cleaning service plan that fulfills your needs.

  • We ensure timely delivery of services because we value your time and our partnership. We use cleaning equipment and machines that are multi-purpose, efficient and functional to cut down cleaning time and make the job hassle-free.
  • We deal with emergencies and ad hoc building cleaning service requests. Whether you need answers to questions, require a worker to visit your office asap or just want to inquire about our services, we have staff available ’round the clock to assist you with your concerns.
  • We use top of the line pressure washers, commercial carpet cleaner and commercial steam cleaner to ensure the safety of even your most delicate property and provide you with optimal results at the same time.
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and products that do not contain toxic or harmful chemicals while still managing to disinfect 99.9% of all germs, viruses, and bacteria. You can boast a hygienic office that even smells great to your clients and workers because of the lack of the nasty odor that common cleaning solutions leave behind.
  • We provide free quotations and estimates upon request. We can also visit your place of business to conduct an assessment and provide you a quotation afterwards.
  • We accept customized job orders with specific instructions and requirements. We have knowledgeable staff whom can discuss your requests with and create a plan based on your personal and business requirements, whether that may be a one time service or a daily, weekly or monthly maintenance program.
  • We are an all-inclusive janitorial cleaning company. We offer a full range of professional commercial cleaning services that would suit any of your requirements. No job is too small or too large for us.
  • We provide professional commercial cleaning services for a budget friendly price and can also work out a payment plan for you. Give us a call or visit our office so we can discuss what will work best with your budget and requirements.
  • We conduct continuing education, trainings and certifications for our workers to ensure they get upskilled and they are up to date with the latest innovations and techniques in the commercial cleaning industry. You will see the result of their training in their work efficiency and effectiveness.
  • All of our commercial cleaning services come with guarantee and warranty, so you can rest assured that we will take care of your property. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive list of services and their respective warranties.
  • Our workers are not only experts in the field, they are also trustworthy. We conduct background investigation before hiring workers where we require multiple character references, validate their previous employment history and carry out interviews because we want to provide the maximum level of security to our clients.

Importance of Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance Services

  • To protect your business from legal issues and liabilities. A sanitary working environment is crucial in keeping the safety of your workers and clients. If one of your workers or customers’ safety is endangered because of your negligence, you may be held accountable and may even be penalized.
  • To increase your customer satisfaction rating. The cleanliness of your workplace will always have immediate impact on your customers’ impression of you and your business. If your workplace is filthy and cluttered, your customers might think it is a reflection of how you run your business.
  • To retain your employees. If you provide a safe, comfortable, and clean working environment to your workers, they will always look forward to coming to work. Not only will it affect their attendance, it will also boost their productivity and respect for your business.
  • To prevent the spread of any infectious disease. Not just covid19, there are a lot of infectious diseases that can easily spread around and infect your workers and customers. Hiring professional commercial cleaning services can help maintian the cleanliness and sanitation of your workplace and minimize the opportunity for viral spread.
  • To focus on what matters most. Many traditional businesses still assign cleaning duties to their workers. This can affect workers’ productivity. If you hire a third party commercial cleaning service for your business, this will provide an immense amount of relief for you and your workers. More importantly, without these extra duties, everyone can use the time on more important business matters.