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Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning promises to provide the highest standards of professional commercial cleaning service to your business, no matter the kind of office you run. Our company has been providing commercial cleaning services to Richmond Hill businesses for years now and we are proud that we are able to maintain our partners’ confidence and trust throughout these years. We owe this to our team of skilled workers. They are the ones who represent our brand whenever they’re called to provide service. They constantly strive to improve their skills and knowledge by researching, attending training sessions and exploring new ways to provide better professional cleaning services to the community.


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Some Businesses We Cater To:

  • School and University Building Cleaning and Maintenance: A germ-free school environment is important to keep students safe as they explore and learn. At Richmond Hll Commercial Cleaning, we utilize child-friendly cleaning solutions to make sure we don’t bring in harmful chemicals to this institutions.
  • Bank Cleaning and Maintenance: We also work with financial institutions in creating a safe and clean environment for both clients and employees. Our goal is to create lasting relationships with our clients by providing excellent customer service and optimum professional cleaning services.
  • Dental and Medical Facility Cleaning and Maintenance: Maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of dental and medical facilities is essential for both patients and medical staff. Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning works with our medical and dental practitioners to provide professional cleaning service programs so that their institution can focus on providing their patients’ healthcare needs.
  • Recreational Area Cleaning and Maintenance: Our skilled workers have been trained to handle recreational facilities cleaning requirements. Some of the businesses we serve include swimming pools, resorts, water parks, playgrounds and sports complexes.
  • Gym and Fitness Center Cleaning and Maintenance: Constant cleaning and sanitation is vital when it comes to fitness centers. People constantly come and go from gyms so we need to ensure we provide safe fitness experience to each one of our customers. Our professional staff from Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning clean and disinfect every nook and crany of gym equipment to make sure the next user can work out in the safest space possible.
  • Church Cleaning and Maintenance: We are committed to maintaining the sanctity and cleanliness of places of worship by providing the highest level of service possible. We employ workers who respect diversity and differences in beliefs and we will ensure we cause little to no disruption during our visits.

Here are some of our specific business cleaning services:

  • Removal of all dirt and debris using a chemical process and industrial cleaning machines
  • Hard-surface floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Reception or lobby area cleaning
  • Waste removal
  • Toilet and bathroom cleaning and maintenance
  • Detailed dusting
  • Mirror detailing
  • Floor buffing
  • New floor set up
  • Day porter services
  • Gym floor restoration
  • And many more

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