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Industrial cleaning is a complex and rigorous job that follows strict cleaning standards that is vital for industrial buildings like factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. These industrial facilities require more immediate and complex cleaning services since dirt, pollutants, and germs accumulate faster at industrial facilities. These facilities may also include hazardous chemicals and equipment so only those certified and trained to handle industrial cleaning should take on this job. Generally speaking, these big industrial facilities require professional cleaning services to maintain not only cleanliness but also safety in the workplace for their employees and customers. And of course, aside from health and safety, a sanitized industrial facility can also result to greater work productivity and increase the trust and confidence of the staff and customers toward the business.


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Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning endeavors to create safe and clean working environments for all industrial workers by providing a complete range of industrial cleaning and facility services. Our expertise and technology in this field enables us to provide immediate solutions to sanitation issues, design and implement customized cleaning sevices to meet our clients’ complex requirements and provide general maintenance following the industry’s safety protocols.

Our team provides a comprehensive range of both interior and exterior cleaning and maintenance services to industrial facilities which includes basic facility hygiene, expansive janitorial services and even COVID-19 response units.

Some Industrial Cleaning Services We Offer:

  1. Furnace and Air Conditioning System Cleaning – Neglecting your facility’s heating and cooling systems may lead to multiple problems including system failure, discomfort among workers due to unsatisfactory temperature and increase in your energy usage that would eventually lead to higher energy bills so it would be advantageous to sign up for regular HVAC maintenance. Our workers are trained in handling HVAC systems so rest assured your equipment is safe in our hands.
  2. Industrial Silo Cleaning – Regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary for industrial silos because old residue buildup may cause contamination, bacterial growth and clogging. We offer a variety of cleaning services for industrial silos including air blasting, acoustic cleaning and pressure washing and dry ice blasting.
  3. Industrial Plant Deep Cleaning – We provide both cleaning and sanitation services for Industrial Plants. Our industrial cleaners have been trained and certified in carrying out a high standard of deep cleaning service. This includes removal of dust particles, grease, grime, and debris and followed by sanitation using eco-friendly and safe cleaning products and solutions.
  4. Exhaust Systems Cleaning – The exhaust system is commonly one of the areas in an industrial facility where grime, grease and dirt build up. If unmaintained, these pollutants may contaminate both the indoor and outdoor environments of the industrial facility which could lead to health concerns, bacterial growth as well as systems malfunctioning. To make sure sure that the exhaust system will function properly, it is necessary to conduct routinary cleaning services to remove debris, dirt, dust, or grime around the exhaust equipment.
  5. Mold Removal – Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning have specialists in mold remediation that are always ready to serve you. Once we detect the presence of toxic and harmful mold in your facility, we will conduct thorough remediation using cutting edge tools and solutions to ensure 100% removal of the spores from all surface.

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