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Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning knows how important cleanliness and organization are in maintaining the productivity of office workers. Our staff is also aware that there are different cleaning service requirements for each office environment depending on their specific business needs, work setting, and budget. Keeping these in mind, our company offers a full range of customized office cleaning services that would suit any of your requirements. Our team will work with you in ensuring the health and safety of you and your employees through our cleaning services while making sure we don’t cause any disruption in your office operations.

Aside from your offices, we also accept cleaning services for your reception areas, restrooms, pantries, entertainment rooms and any other place in your office building.


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Office Cleaning Services We Offer:

  1. Daily Cleaning Services – Our workers can perform all kinds of office cleaning tasks from vacuuming the carpet to wiping the desktops and work stations to making sure the restroom is always clean. Because of their training and experience, they can also perform these tasks quickly so they won’t cause any disruption to your work. These general cleaning services can help maintain cleanliness and order in your workplace and foster better productivity among your workers.
  2. Window Cleaning – Dirty office windows can make your office look dark and gloomy and affect the mood of your employees. At Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning, we can help you clear up those windows in no time so the sunlight can penetrate your windows again and help brighten everyone’s day.
  3. Carpet Cleaning – Maintaing the cleanliness of your office’s carpet is a task for professionals as there are microbes and allergens that could make anyone exposed to them sick. If your office is in need of an expert in the carpet cleaning, Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning is the best place to get carpet cleaning service from. Our company specializes in all types of carpet & rug cleaning and we only utilize eco-friendly cleaning solutions so you can rest assured that your carpet is safe in our hands. A clean and fresh carpet will not only improve the aesthetic of your office but it may also lessen sick days since you have already gotten rid of the pesky allergens and microbes.
  4. Furnace and Air Conditioning System Cleaning – Don’t let a broken air conditioner or heater disrupt your work. Call our hotline for any emergency HVAC repair and maintenace service right away. Our workers are trained in handling many types of HVAC systems so rest assured your heater and cooler will be working properly again in no time.
  5. Overnight Cleaning Services – Because we value your time and we know how important your business is, we offer overnight cleaning services that does not cause any business disruptions. Our workers will work through the night to make sure you walk into a fresh, clean and sanitized workplace in the morning. Without any office employee in the building, we will also be able to conduct thorough carpet cleaning, waxing of floors and high-powered vacuuming.

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