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Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning goes above and beyond the standards and requirements of retail cleaning services. We believe that a clean and safe store environment have a direct effect in retail operation’s productivity and customer satisfcation so we make sure to provide meticulous and thorough cleaning services to your store. Our workers go through extensive training to learn proper cleaning methods and techniques to safeguard your merchandise while carrying out their cleaning tasks.


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The cleaning products and chemical solutions we use in retail cleaning are eco-friendly and free from harmful substances to ensure the safety of your store’s staff and customers. We also use Hepa Vacuums that are known for their filtration technology which improves air quality by capturing 99.6% of particles.

Retail Cleaning Services We Offer:

  1. White-glove Premium Cleaning Services – Our white-glove professionals are trained and certified to handle delicate and fragile merchandise as well as carry out tasks with specific and detailed instructions. They are dedicated to providing flawless customer service and excellent cleaning service results.
  2. General Cleaning Services – Our workers can perform all kinds of general cleaning tasks, like mopping the floors, wiping the tables or sanitizing every nook and crany of your retail stores. Because of their training and experience, they can also perform these tasks quickly so they won’t cause any distraction in your store. These general cleaning services will help your store sparkle at all times and look more inviting to shoppers.
  3. Window Cleaning – Dirty store windows can be an unsightly distraction to both customers and staff; however, window cleaning is not an easy task to complete. Our workers at Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning can help you clear up those windows efficiently with the use of our trusted equipment and cleaning solutions.
  4. Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning – Stained or dirty carpets and upholstery does not only make your store unsightly but they may also lead to health and safety issues. Without regular cleaning, they can spread germs and bacteria throughout your store which can endanger your staff and customers’ heath. Our company specializes in all types of upholstery, carpet & rug cleaning and we only utilize eco-friendly cleaning solutions so you can rest assured that your carpet and furniture are safe in our hands.
  5. Pressure Washing – Pressure washing prevents the spread of harmful pollutants, germs and bacteria that cause health issues. Our workers have been trained in the proper usage of pressure washers so they understand the different levels of pressure required for different types of surface.
  6. Floor Maintenance – They say the cleanliness of a store begins with its floor. Here at Richmond Hill Commercial Cleaning, we have experienced and knowledgeable staff who can excecute any of your maintenance requests and ensure your floor is clean at all times. We can plan and arrange a cleaning schedule to fit your business needs. With the help of our maintenance workers, you can expect sparkling clean floors, safer walkway for your staff and customers and improved sanitation without disruptions in your daily store operations.

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